I am an artist and designer specialising in life painting and drawing. I live and work from my home in Blewbury, Oxfordshire where I spend my time juggling the two disciplines, and my two children.

I have been life drawing and painting for over ten years. I have worked in design since graduating with a BA in Furniture and Product design in 2000, founding a luxury stationery brand. Art, however, has always been at the heart of my work and I have been lucky enough to study under the wonderful artist Bobby Gill since 2004 (minus a break when my children were small). I can't overestimate Bobby's influence, she has taught me so much. Gently challenging me, while encouraging my individual style to evolve.

My work is a collection of honest and thoughtful life studies. I work spontaneously from the model using the paints to find the figure in a loose and reflective way. My paintings are immediate and instinctive. I like to be bold with my colours and try to be sensitive with my interpretation of body language. I paint with oils, often on paper and more recently on canvas too. I never sketch out my painting first, but prefer to go straight in with paint, moving the figure around on the canvas as I go. Most of my paintings are created in an hour sitting, while my drawings in inks are usually no more than ten or 15 minutes. I enjoy working quickly and rarely return to a piece once the initial pose is over. I think the decisions I make quickly are often more honest, and I enjoy the happy accidents that occur along the way. Because of this I tend to produce quite a bit, much of which never sees the light of day again, but still contributes something to the pieces you see here.

I include studies and unfinished pieces among my work because I often find them more interesting than something overworked or too polished. I love capturing a persons personality or mood as much as their individual features, and the pieces I like to show are those where I feel all the mistakes and studies come together to say a little more than just this is what someone looks like.

My originals are available to buy here and you are welcome to come and view them first. I also have a portfolio of studies, some of which are also available to buy. Please email me if you would like to view an original or enquire about one of my studies. I also offer giclée prints of a handful of my pieces in limited editions of 50 which can be ordered here.