Working from life, I create honest and thoughtful studies of the beauty and expression of the human figure. They are direct, often spontaneous observations of our body language and nature as much as an individual's form and features, quickly recorded in oil paints or inks.

I graduated with a BA Hons in Furniture and Product Design from Ravensbourne in 2000 and have worked in design ever since - founding a luxury stationery brand. However, art has always been at the heart of my work and throughout my design career I always painted from life. The natural career break created by the birth of my children allowed me to rethink and today I juggle the two disciplines (and my children). I've been lucky enough to study under the watchful eye of artist and former RCA tutor Bobby Gill since 2004, and her studio in Notting Hill continues to be my favourite place to paint.

Classes & Workshops

I run a regular Life Class in Blewbury which is open to all levels. You can find out more here. I have also taught life drawing to A Level Fine Art and Graphic Design students. If you would like to find out about life classes for your students please do email me. You can also download my Life Class for A Level information here.


June 2018 - GAP Festival, Goring and Streatly.

May 2018 - Art Show, (Oxfordshire Artweeks) Blewbury Clubhouse, Oxfordshire. 

April 2018 - The Jam Factory, Oxford.

March 2018 - Meditation, Cornforth Studios, Newbury.

November 2017 - Old Girls, The Freeborn Gallery, Oxfordshire.

May 2017 - Movement, Cornerstone Arts Centre.

May 2017 - The Jam Factory, Oxford.

May 2017 - Oxfordshire Artweeks Blewbury Clubhouse, Oxfordshire.