Woman on a Pink Quilt.jpg



I work spontaneously from the model using the paints to find the figure in an honest and thoughtful way. I like to be bold with my colours and try to be sensitive with my interpretation of body language. I paint with oils on paper, cardboard and canvas. I don't like to be too precious and like painting on a material that I can either re-prime or recycle. I never sketch out my painting first, but prefer to go straight in with paint, moving the figure around on the canvas as I go. Most of my paintings are created in an hour sitting. I work wet on wet, as oil paints take some time to dry, which can be like painting with butter. But I like the challenge this presents and love the movement of the paint. I enjoy working quickly and rarely return to a piece once the initial pose is over. I think the decisions I make quickly are often more honest, and I enjoy the happy accidents that occur along the way. 

You are always welcome to view my original pieces. Please do email me.